Rules and Regulations
1. Please respect the rules.
If you don´t follow the rules, your photo will be disqualified for all competitions.

2. The competition started May 1st. Due to the problems the Corona Virus
keeps causing all over the globe, the organization decided to extend the deadline to February 1, 2021.
We reserve the rights to extend the competition.

3. Entering the competition.
Please post in the headline the place where you took it (town/city and country) and the hashtag #mycoronaphoto and @mycoronaphoto. You don´t have to put a category to your photo. You cannot use promotion in your photo. No video, square, 360 or anything weird that doesn´t qualify as a normal photo.

4. Categories
We work with the following categories: my hero (has to be in a hospital), my Corona survivor, my food, my pet, my sports, my kid at home, my love, my from inside to outside. All photos also qualify for the competition of general winner. If you have a brilliant photo you think does not fit into any category, do submit, it always qualifies for the general election.

5. Prizes
No competition without prizes. What exactly will be announced soon on www.mycoronaphoto.com and our social media. All finalists (ten per category) and winners will get a prize. Winners and finalists will be contacted through social media and will be announced on our social media, website and through press releases. There will also be special mentions by our ambassadors.

6. Finalists and winners
Ten finalists per category will be announced by the end of September. We are looking for a special date in October to announce all winners during an event. We´ll keep you posted on that. We will contact all winners and finalists by Facebook or Instagram.

7. One world
Since the whole world fights this terrible virus together, we do not accept hate speech, bullying, harassment or political comments.

8. Privacy
Respect everyone´s privacy, no promotion or spam.

9. Rights of the photo.
By becoming a member of this group and posting your photo, you agree to give out your photo free of rights to the competition. You agree that your photo can be used by us during and after competition, but only in a way charity can benefit from. You keep all commercial rights.

10. More about the rights
Examples of usage of the photo for charity are projects such as usage for a book, usage for exhibitions, usage for all kind of other printing, online showing, motion pictures or videos of which the profit are meant for charity.

11. Profits
The competition is organized in a non profit way.
All profits of projects related to this competition will be donated to charity.